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Book Review

Lexi Smart wakes up one morning with a headache and finds that three years of her life have vanished! To add to her woes, she has also lost the two things in her past life that she valued most: her friends and her flat.

From the first page, the reader is captured. Sophie Kinsella’s "Remember Me" includes all the ingredients hopeless romantics love: a pretty protagonist; a handsome hero type; elegant living and mild adventure.

Lexi starts out as a very conventional young lady who is not happy with her routine life. She has a low paying job, a boyfriend we immediately want her to drop. Even his name is fitting – “Loser Dave”. Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, it’s pretty predictable. You may even officially classify it as a “girly book”, but it is enjoyable.
The author has again pleased her fans with "Remember Me".

26 August 2013 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 27 Aug

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