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Book Review

Harold Fry is a very average, retired, British man. There is nothing exciting or out of the ordinary about him. In fact, if anything, his extreme ordinariness is the only thing that screams at the reader in the first chapters. Rachel Joyce's "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry", reveals to the world that we all can have an impact and make a mark in this world, if we follow our hearts.

The book starts with Harold sitting at the table having a most dull breakfast – toast. His (just as ordinary) nagging wife interrupts his thoughts with an announcement of, “Post!” signifying that he has mail. The letter is from Queenie Hennessy, a friend he has not heard from in years. It is this letter, which causes a shift in the story. Queenie announces in the letter that she is dying.

Harold writes a reply to the letter and then decides to walk to the post office to mail it. After passing a few post offices and speaking with people along the way, (in particular a young woman at a service station) Harold is inspired to walk to see his friend. He asks her to wait until he arrives. Harold is about to take a six hundred mile walk!

It is quite likely that after reading "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry", readers will be inspired to stop and “smell the roses” along the way.

11 August 2013 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 12 Aug

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