Media Gallery

The images and documents in this gallery represent the broad course of Sarah McClendon's journalism career. As a cub reporter, McClendon wrote for several newspapers across East Texas, including the Tyler and Beaumont city papers. In 1944, she became the first woman to join the White House press corps as a correspondent for the Philadelphia Daily News. With the launch of her McClendon News Service in 1946, she became both a columnist and correspondent for these local papers and beyond. Using her earlier professional connections to further develop the fledgling news agency, McClendon made a name for herself as a White House and Congressional correspondent in the years after the war.

In 1955, Sarah McClendon became the first woman to apply for membership with the National Press Club. She was eventually accepted--16 years later. As her career progressed into the latter decades of the 20th Century, Sarah McClendon evolved into a White House and Washington institution, appearing as a political journalist and opinion maker on many popular programs, including Meet the Press, The Diane Rehm Show, and The Charlie Rose Show.