Additional resources

Sarah McClendon Interview, Washington Press Club Foundation
As part of the "Women in Journalism" Oral History Project, which began in 1986, this page includes a transcript of oral history interviews with Sarah conducted throughout 1989 and 1990.

National Press Club: Oral Histories
A audio file from 2004 discusses the National Press Club's oral history project with Florence St. John. Broadcast then moves to an oral history interview with Sarah McClendon, conducted in 1997.

National Women and Media Collection
The University of Missouri's Archives has a small file of Sarah McClendon's papers and documents as part of their National Women in Media Collection

Sarah McClendon's obituary in the New York Times
Many national papers ran obituaries after Sarah McClendon's death, including the New York Times.

National Press Club
The National Press Club began in 1919 admitting only men. Members voted to allow the admission of women in 1971.

White House Press Corps
Journalists in the White House Press Corps cover White House news and events. Sarah McClendon was a member of the Corps throughout 11 presidential administrations.


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