This exhibit is based on Sarah McClendon's autobiographies, My Eight Presidents. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1978; and Mr. President, Mr. President! My Fifty Years of Covering the White House with Jules Minton. Los Angeles: General Pub. Group, 1996; and the Sarah McClendon papers, housed in the University Archives and Department of Special Collections (UASC) at The University of Texas at Tyler.

The UASC handles materials of historical and/or archival interest to The University of Texas at Tyler and the surrounding community.

The UASC is located on the ground floor of the Robert R. Muntz Library. For more information contact 903.565.5748 or 903.566.7343.

This exhibit was created by Sabra Jennings and Déirdre Joyce. It is intended for educational purposes only.


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