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ProQuest Upgrading

On February 28, 2015, ProQuest will be upgrading its systems infrastructure to improve performance, security, and overall reliability of your products. The window is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. and will last for five (5) hours.

Want to know more? Contact your Library Liaison!

17 February 2015 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 18 Feb

Quotes on Black History Month...

"I vowed then not to ever separate black history from American history again. It is one story that has many different parts, but the parts all work together. We are a nation that has come through slavery and have moved past legalized segregation, and though we are not yet living in a post-racial society, we are not where we used to be. We have witnessed a slow but steady change in American race relations, and things that were once taboo are now commonplace. I believe that the next step in our development is to reintegrate black history back into American history."

Dr. Kay Wise Whitehead - Assistant Professor at Loyola University

16 February 2015 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 17 Feb

Quotes on Black History Month...

"Black History Moth must be more than just a month of remembrance: it should be a tribute to our history and reminder of the work that lies in the months and years ahead. As we celebrate Black History Month we should be grateful for the achievements they made and inspired by their legacies to continue their work."

Marty Meehan - Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Lowell

16 February 2015 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 17 Feb

Quotes on Black History Month...

"We should emphasize not Negro History, but the Negro in history. What we need is not a history of selected races or nations, but the history of the world void of national bias, race hate, and religious prejudice."

Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Author, Journalist, Founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History

11 February 2015 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 12 Feb

Quotes on Black History Month...

"The current aim of Black History Month should not be the construction of a mere timeline of events and personas. Instead, it should be to explore the many and varied journeys of our black citizens today. This approach will inherently intersect with the seminal moments in black history while also providing and accompanying personal narrative that commands a deeper appreciation. In this way, facts in textbooks leap off the page and become life-changing inspirations more accessible to all Americans."

Theodore Johnson, Opinion Columnist, Naval Officer, and White House Fellows Alum.

11 February 2015 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 12 Feb

"From Then to Now"

The Library is pleased to host an exhibit which features posters from Dr. Mickie Koster's History 4372 class poster project. The posters highlight the history of several African Americans and related events. The exhibit is entitled: "From Then to Now".

The display will be showcased throughout the month of February. Want to learn more? Go to the Library Research Guide about Black History:

9 February 2015 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 10 Feb

Faculty and Staff Reception

On Tuesday, February 3rd, the Library will celebrate the scholarship and enterprise of our faculty and staff at The University of Texas at Tyler. All are invited to attend. Dr. Ross Sherman will be the keynote speaker for this event.

3 February 2015 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Published by aravenell3 on 28 Jan

A Mad Hatter's Tea Party

The Library Mad Hatter Tea Party was an utter success! This tea party was coordinated by April Borromeo. The event was hosted in honor of National Tea Month.

We laughed. We drank tea. We listened to theme music from Alice in Wonderland. We met new friends. We ate lemon bars, chocolaty cookie delights, cheese cake, and other yummy sweets! We balanced delicate cucumber and orange marmalade sandwiches on our fingertips for moments before they disappeared. We took lots and lots of photos.

Then we drank more tea and laughed some more!

The Mad Hatter (aka VandyDubre) was awesome! All of the artwork was created by Tamara Brown and Tracy Thompson.

And so, the Mad Hatter Tea Party came to an end. And the flamboyant hat of the Mad Hatter returned home. But there's always next year!

27 January 2015 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 28 Jan

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Monday, January 19th, we will celebrate the 29th year of Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) day as a federal holiday. This day is as special to many African Americans as the 4th of July is to Americans in general. For it was when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was successful with his fight for civil rights, that American persons of African ancestry finally began to actually feel freedom. It is a day that is a day of movement and purpose for most persons of this race. There are still marches, parades, speeches, banquets, and numerous other celebrations!

It is a day when Americans truly remember what Martin Luther King, Jr. did for this nation. It was his choice to fight with a nonviolent approach that caused the movement to be successful. He was criticized by many for this choice, but he persevered. Today, we should be proud that he did. Dr. King set an example not only for the United States, but for the world. It was because of this, that the world's leading officials saw fit to present him with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Hopefully, people will remember Martin Luther King, Jr., not only on the 3rd Monday, but often. As often as we ride public transit, shop, work and speak to our fellowman, we should remember Dr. King. For Dr. King has walked, where we now stand.

15 January 2015 (All day)

The Ultimate Cataloger

Annie Jump Cannon (1863–1941)
was a pioneering American Astronomer responsible for the classification of hundreds of thousands of stars.

10 December 2014 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 11 Dec


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