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From the Black History Files: Otis F. Boykin


Otis Boykin, electronic scientist and inventor, patented the electrical resistor (Patent #2,972,726) . The electrical resistor is used in many computers, radios, television sets and other electronically controlled devices. Products made from his discoveries are manufactured in Paris and throughout Western Europe. With 26 patents to his name, Boykin was best known for the invention of the pacemaker, a device inserted into the body that delivers small regular shocks to stimulate the heart to beat in a normal rhythm. Born in Dallas in 1920, he graduated from Fisk University and went to the Illinois Institute of Technology for two years before he dropped out due to lack of money. Boykin died in 1982 in Chicago.

This information was taken from: “Middle Search Plus” (A UT Tyler database). Follow this link to learn more!

24 February 2014 (All day)
Published by aravenell3 on 25 Feb

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