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Muntz Library Announces Events for September Project 2011

The UT Tyler Robert R. Muntz Library is announcing the following events in observance of the International September Project. This is our fourth year participating in this international grassroots event. In addition, September is also the month for Constitution Week (September 17-23) and for Banned Books Week (this year it falls on September 24 to October 1). We bring those events under our umbrella of the September Project as well. The Muntz Library will present or host the following activities during September:
  • For the second year, thanks to the generosity of the Mary Tyler Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), the library is hosting an exhibit in honor of Constitution Week. This exhibit will be on view in the second floor and on one of the two display cases on the third floor. This exhibit will run through the month of September. It can be viewed during library regular hours.
  • The library will present a book display with a sampling of books that have been banned or challenged to help highlight the importance of the First Amendment and our freedom to read. We want to stress the importance of making materials of diverse views, even if unorthodox or unpopular, available in our libraries for all to read and learn.
  • And our big event. September 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the events of September 11. In recognition of this anniversary and  to provide an opportunity for the community to come together to reflect and learn, we are hosting a film series with content about the events of September 11. The films will be shown in Library Room 401. We plan to feature a guest scholar to speak on the film as well as provide context for the viewing. After the film showing, there will be time for discussion and questions. The film schedule is as follows
    • Thursday September 8 at 6:00pm: United 93. This is director Paul Greengrass' real time account of the events on United Airlines Flight 93. This was one of the flights hijacked by the terrorists. In this flight, the passengers rose against the hijackers, preventing the plane from hitting its target in Washington D.C. The plane did crash near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Roger Ebert described it as "a masterful and heartbreaking film, and it does honor to the memory of the victims." The film has an R rating.
    • Thursday September 15 at 6:00pm: Fahrenheit 9/11. This is director Michael Moore's documentary on what happened to the United States after 9/11. The film won the top award at the Cannes Film Festival. The New York Times describes it as a film that "would be, depending on your politics, either a rousing call to arms or an irresponsible provocation" and a film that " is worth seeing, debating and thinking about, regardless of your political allegiances." The film has an R rating.
    • Monday September 26 at 6:00pm: 9/12: From Chaos to Community. "In the wake of the September 11 attacks, New Yorkers from all walks of life felt compelled to overcome their sense of powerlessness by volunteering to help out in the recovery effort. They brought in supplies, set up relief stations, and for ten months fed and cared for the recovery workers. Many deep and unexpected — even unlikely — relationships developed out of this." Davis Guggenheim, who directed the film An Inconvenient Truth, called this moving documentary that is " a poem to a group of everyday New Yorkers who discover in themselves a quiet greatness born from the darkness of 9/11." This film is not rated.
  • In addition, we will present a book display in the library's third floor with books and materials about the events of September 11 in support of our film series. As always, books in our display cases can be checked out, so if you find a book of interest, you can ask us to open the case for you so you can read it.

All of our events are free and open to the public.

About the September Project: Since 2004, libraries around the world have organized events about freedom and issues that matter to their communities during the month of September. This grassroots project favors free over fee, public over private, and voices over silence. For more information about Muntz Library events and activities, you may contact Angel Rivera, Outreach Librarian, at 903-566-7165 or via e-mail at arivera AT uttyler DOT edu (just replace with the appropriate symbols). Also, our comments in the blog are open. You can additionally keep up with our events and news by finding and "liking" our page on Facebook or following us on Twitter (@muntzlibrary).
Published by root on 17 Aug

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