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Web Resource of the Week: The UBS Dictionary of Banking

Financial services firm UBS maintains a Dictionary of Banking. This small resource is available online, and it is free. This dictionary is basically a glossary of financial terms, mostly focused on wealth management. The dictionary contains over 2,400 terms with definitions, and it is based on information from the research department at UBS. According to UBS, the current edition is an update to the 2000 edition. The dictionary is arranged alphabetically. You can visit the site, and then you can peruse the terms via the links on the left side of the screen. The terms are presented in English, German, French and Italian (UBS is a Swiss based company after all), but the definitions are presented in English. However, UBS does offer the option of viewing their web pages in those other languages. Some terms you will find definitions for in the dictionary include:
  • credit derivative
  • gentlemen's agreement
  • P/E ratio
This tool is made to give users a brief definition of these and other terms. The dictionary also includes a list of ISO currency codes. The codes are the currency symbols used in banking and trading to designate world currencies.
Published by root on 13 Aug

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