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Learn a bit more about Yemen

This past Christmas, the infamous "underwear bomber" made the news. It was part of the news that he had ties to Yemen, but what do we know about that country? While scanning some of the feeds I use to keep up, I came across this small report from the Brookings Institution entitled "What You Should Know About Yemen." Brookings also has posted a transcript of an event where policy experts discuss the topic of "Al Qaeda in Yemen: A New Foothold (if you follow this link, you will find a link to the transcript in PDF). These items reminded me of other country information sources that are freely available on the Internet that readers can use to learn more about Yemen and other countries. You can find these links and more in our Political Science subject guide. Go under the tab for "Government Info," then click on "International Resources." In addition, our subject guide offers access to a variety of other resources in political science. Some of the resources, such as our databases, are subscription-based and require authentication (you have to log-in as a UT Tyler user), but others are free. As always, if you have further questions or need additional research assistance, feel free to contact us.
Published by root on 25 Jan


Another good place for all types of info from "country facts"to "greetings and courtesies" and more is Global Road Warrior one of the databases available in the Library's database collections.

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