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Library Features Display Celebrating U.S. Independence

Signing of Declaration of Independence

Signing of Declaration of Independence

The Robert R. Muntz Library is featuring a library display to "Celebrate American Independence." This coming Saturday is the 4th of July holiday commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence. We have chosen to create a month-long display of books about the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, and Early American history. Come visit the library and see the display in the third floor display cases. Like all our displays, this one is open and free to the public. It is viewable during library regular hours. We have placed the following books in the display case along with other materials, including the text of the Declaration of Independence for our visitors to read.  All books are usually located in the library's General Collection in the third floor, unless otherwise noted. The list is in call number order:
  • Cokie Roberts, Founding Mothers: the Women Who Raised Our Nation. This one is part of the Bestseller Collection, located in the second floor Reading Room. E 176 .R63.
  • Ray Raphael, A People's History of the American Revolution. E 208 .R25 2002.
  • Gordon S. Wood, The Radicalism of the American Revolution. E 209 .W65 1993.
  • Christopher Hibbert, Redcoats and Rebels: the American Revolution through British Eyes. E 230 .H31 2002. A look at the war from the British perspective.
  • H.T. Dickinson, Britain and the American Revolution. E 249.3 .B69 1998.
  • Charles Royster, A Revolutionary People at War: the Continental Army and American Character, 1775-1783. E 259 .R69 1996
  • Sylvia R. Frey, Water from the Rock: Black Resistance in a Revolutionary Age. A look at Blacks in the war. E 269 .N3 F74 1992.
  • Thomas Jefferson, The Portable Thomas Jefferson. A small collection of his major writings, including the Declaration of Independence. E 302 .J442 1975.
  • Bernard Bailyn, To Begin the World Anew: the Genius and Ambiguities of the American Founders. E 302.1 B16 2004.
  • Edward G. Lengel, General George Washington: a Military Life.  E 312.25 .L46 2005.
  • David McCullough, John Adams. The biography by the prominent historian who has also written about Harry Truman. E 322 .M38 2001.
  • Ralph Ketcham, James Madison: a Biography. E 342 .K46 1990.
  • Rand McNally Atlas of the American Revolution. This atlas is usually found in the Reference Collection, 2nd Floor. REF G 1201 .S3 N4 1974.
  • The Federalist Papers. The writings of Madison, Jay, and Hamilton in support of the U.S. Constitution. JK 154 1966.
Except for the reference book above, all these books are available to be checked out. If you look them up in the catalog, and they show as checked out, they are "checked out" to our display case. Just let us know at the reference desk, and we will be happy to open the case so you can take the book and read it. We really want people to read our books, which is why we display them. As for the reference book, if you really want to check it out, let us know. We can probably work something out. I would like to remind our readers that if they have any questions on this or other topics, they can visit our reference desk, or visit the library’s website to access our resources. You can also find complete contact information in our website so you can call us, e-mail us, or chat with a librarian.
Published by root on 02 Jul

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