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Library Hosts Traveling Exhibit on "Africa in the Americas"

Los Negros de Esmeraldas, by Andres Sanchez Gallque. 1599. Museum of America, Madrid, Spain.

Los Negros de Esmeraldas, by Andrés Sánchez Gallque, 1599. Museum of América, Madrid.

Starting today, Monday February 2, 2009, the UT Tyler Robert R. Muntz Library will proudly present “Africa in the Americas: Slavery in Spanish and Portuguese Realms,” an exhibition produced by Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. This exhibit is part of the library’s observance of Black History Month. “Africa in the Americas” traces the experience of Africans in Latin America from the establishment of slavery to the dawning of emancipation with the Haitian Revolution. The route from Africa to the Americas and the transformation from slave to citizen are depicted through paintings, watercolor sketches, details from panoramic panel or mural paintings, engravings, archival documents, color photographs of historic places and maps and graphs of the origins and destinations of slaves. The Robert R. Muntz Library presents “Africa in the Americas” as a means to promote ongoing dialogue about the history of the “New World” and common aspects of the heritage of American countries, both north and south. The exhibition will be available to the public from Wednesday February 2, 2009 to Friday February 27, 2009. The exhibit can be viewed during regular library hours. For more information about viewing hours please visit the library’s website at For information on this and other library events, please contact Angel Rivera, Outreach Librarian at or at 903-566-7165. Humanities Texas develops and supports diverse programs across the state, including lectures, oral history projects, teacher institutes, museum exhibitions and documentary films. For more information about Humanities Texas and its work, please visit their website at or call 512-440-1991.

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Published by root on 02 Feb

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