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May Additions to Bestsellers Collection

The following books have been added to the Bestsellers Collection. Remember that you can come by and find some recreational reading in our Bestsellers Collection. The collection is located in the second floor in the reading area of the library. If you are in the mood for some nonfiction:
  • Steven Coll looks at a family with a story that in many ways is very similar to many American stories of immigrants and success in his book The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century. Mohamed Bin Laden is revered in Saudi Arabia as a great entrepreneur, a man who went from being a humble bricklayer to founder of his own company. In the West, he is better known as the father of Osama bin Laden. This is the story of the Bin Laden family and their fortunes. Call number for this book is CS 1129 .B552 2008.
  • Daoud Hari, called David by his friends, is a translator who takes journalists into the dangerous zones in Darfur. Given that Sudan has outlawed journalists in Darfur, he constantly risks his life along with the journalists who travel there to report on the genocides. And then he was captured. Read his memoir The Translator: A Tribesman's Memoir of Darfur. The call number is DT 159.6 .D27 H38.
  • The time period between the end of World War II and the mid-1950s was the golden time for comic books, which were the most popular form of entertainment at the time. Unfortunately, comics attracted the attention of certain guardians of order and decency such as church groups and McCarthyist politicians. One of the companies that suffered from the crackdowns was EC Comics, owned by Bill Gaines. However, Gaine's legacy lives in places like Mad magazine. In many ways, the censorship battles with comic books foreshadowed later battles with rock and roll music. Read about the great comic book scare in David Hajdu's The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America. Amazon reviewer Anne Bartholomew says, "The rise of comics as a mode of expression, an outlet for entertainment, and, rather tragi-comically, as a target for censorship, couldn't be more compelling in anyone else's hands. In deft narrative strokes Hajdu creates a colorful, character-driven story of our first real--and lasting--counterculture (if the burgeoning popularity of graphic novels is any indication) and shows why we embrace it still." You can find Hajdu's book under call number PN 6725 .H33 2008.
  • Kurt Vonnegut, who recently passed away in 2007, is considered to be one of America's greatest writers. Many have probably read Slaughterhouse-Five. Now we get a new collection of previously unpublished writings on war and peace by this great author in Armageddon in Retrospect. The book features 12 pieces in fiction and nonfiction, including Kurt Vonnegut's last speech. His son, Mark Vonnegut, provides an introduction. Find this book under call number PS 3572 .O5 A6.
  • Benazir Bhutto was the first woman to lead a Muslim state. She was Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1988 to 1990 and from 1993 to 1996. In her quest for democracy, she returned to her native land in 2007. She was assassinated soon after. Madeleine Albright says of this book, "it is impossible to understand today’s world without knowing Pakistan; and impossible to understand Pakistan without reading this book. A courageous woman—tragically killed—speaks to us of reconciliation. We owe it to her—and to ourselves—to listen, comprehend, and act." The book is Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and The West. Get it under call number DS 389.22 .B48 A3.
  • The Kennedy assassination has been the subject of many books and conspiracies as well as conspiracy theories. However, here is one more conspiracy. Abraham Bolden was the first African American on the White House Secret Service detail. When he discovers that certain officials were withholding information from the Warren Commission and denounces it, he finds himself charged with conspiracy to sell government secrets and sentenced to prison. It becomes clear from narrative there was a conspiracy to silence him. Though it can read like a movie thriller, it is a real story. The book is The Echo From Dealey Plaza, and its call number is E 842.9 .B59 2008.
If you feel like reading some fiction, we have some new titles for you as well:
  • Jennifer Weiner brings forth the sequel to her successful first novel Good in Bed (2001). The book is called Certain Girls, and it revisits Weiner's character, the feisty Candace Cannie Shapiro. The story takes place 13 years later. Candace had written a steamy and sexual novel that was a success; the novel was a fictionalized account of Candace's own life. Fast forward those 13 years. Candace now has a daughter, and she has been out of the spotlight for a while, writing science fiction under a pseudonym. All seems at peace until her daughter, now a teen getting ready for her bat mitzvah, finds the old novel and questions come to the surface. Certain Girls can be found under call number PS 3573 .E3935 C47.
  • Mary Higgins Clark returns once again with another tale of suspense in Where Are You Now?, a tale that may seem reminiscent of many recent cases of missing college students. Charles MacKenzie, a senior at Columbia University, went missing ten years ago. He just walked out of his apartment without saying a word to anyone and vanished. What happened? The only hint is the fact that he does make one phone call every year: on Mother's Day. All he says is that he is ok and then hangs up before his mother can ask any questions. When his sister decides to track him down no matter the cost, danger surfaces. Find this thriller under call number PS 3553 .L287 W53.
  • Finally for now, we get a legal thriller. Linda Fairstein brings back Alex Cooper in her new novel Killer Heat. Cooper is working on trying a rapist that got off the hook ten years ago after a hung jury while trying to track down a serial killer. Library Journal praises this new book as "a scorcher of a crime novel —her hottest yet." Find it under call number PS 3556 .A3654 K54.
Published by root on 05 May

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