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Do you just need to come into the library and print a paper or other document? We have now two small laptops set up behind the reference desk for express printing. Here are the details:
  • Use these laptops for quick printing.
  • Please limit your use for 10 minutes if other people are waiting.
  • You need to log into Patriot AIR to use them. Click on the Internet Explorer Log-on icon, the follow the directions. It’s the same log-in you use for your PATRIOTS account. This is the same account you use for your campus e-mail and to log-in to the computers in the library or the computer lab.
  • If you have not logged into PATRIOTS before, and your password expired, you need to go back to the Academic Computing Center (ACC) in the Business Building to have the password reset.
  • Additional note: If you typed your paper on one of the library's computers, keep in mind the library's computers are equipped with the new MS Office 2007. If your computer at home does not have MS 2007, you may not be able to open a document. We recommend if you type here in the library, save your work as 97-2003 document to assure it is compatible. You can access this option when you click "Save As" to save your documents. In the long term, Microsoft does offer a compatibility pack. You may want to consider downloading it to your computer if you are using MS 2003 or older. Here is the link for the download. Do read all directions before downloading. We are providing the link for information purposes.
Published by root on 30 Apr

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