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Reference Book of the Week: Longman Dictionary and Handbook of Poetry

We continue featuring reference books dealing with poetry as part of our National Poetry Month celebration. This week we feature the Longman Dictionary and Handbook of Poetry. This is a dictionary of terms, concepts, theories and techniques in poetry. So, what might you use this book for?
  • You are discussing a poem in class, and the professor says it has internal rhyme? You want to know what that is? The dictionary will tell you that it is "a rhyme that occurs within a metrical line in order to create a musical or rhythmical effect. . . " (145).
  • You need an overview of Romanticism (pages 268-269).
  • You need to tell the difference between a Petrarchan sonnet and a Shakesperean sonnet (see the entry for sonnet on pages 281-282).
This is one of those cool books that you can use to look up a term quickly and get an answer. The Longman Dictionary and Handbook of Poetry is available in the library's reference collection. Its call number is PN 1021 .M94 1985.
Published by root on 24 Apr

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