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Like a Good Thriller?

Among the many bestsellers the library has recently added are a couple I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good thriller. Double Cross by James Patterson is the newest in the series of novels featuring Patterson's most famous character, former FBI profiler, Alex Cross. In this novel, Cross finds himself assisting in the investigation of a serial killer who enjoys committing murder on the public stage. As if one serial killer were not enough, Cross finds out that a former colleague turned serial killer, who has promised revenge on Cross for putting him behind bars, has done the impossible and escaped from a maximum security prison. Cross must then keep one eye on the investigation and one on his back. Despite the weak title, Circumference of Darkness, the debut novel by Jack Henderson is a pretty good techno-thriller. Following Jeannie Reese, a 22-year-old Department of Defense computer genius, and an infamous computer hacker, known as Phr33k, the novel looks at the events of 9/11 and the days that followed. Although the two begin on opposite sides of the law, they soon must work together to stop an even bigger catastrophe. And for those of you disappointed this post was not about Michael Jackson's Thriller, you're in luck; the 25th Anniversary Edition of Thriller is now available in stores.
Published by root on 20 Feb


If you enjoy thrillers, you must check out my debut novel, HUNTING THE KING, coming out in April. HUNTING is a fast-paced page-turner a la DA VINCI CODE that follows archaeologist Molly O'Dwyer into war torn Iraq in search of the remains of jesus. ForeWord Magazine says: "Fans of intellectual thrillers will find a worthy new voice in Clenott. Given such an auspicious start, the sequel can't come too soon." Kunati Books, the publisher, has crerated a wonderful book trailer, which can be seen on my web site or on YouTube. Please check it out.

Another good techno thriller that just came out is Unholy Domain by Dan Ronco. It's a great read and an interesting look at the battle between religion and science over artificial intelligence. Lots of twists and turns to keep you glued to the page right to the very end.

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