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New tables in the reference area

Students coming back for the spring semester will notice we have new tables in the reference computer area. Our old tables were basically tables that were previously used for print indexes. Some students had mentioned that the space on them was tight. These new tables are designed for computer workstations. In addition, they provide more space for the students to sit, study, put down their things as well as use the computers. The compact design makes the area more welcoming and spacious. You may notice one of the tables is empty at the moment. That is because we are planning on upgrading the computers in the lab soon. When the upgrade occurs, we will be adding more computers to the reference area as well. This will bring us up to 24 terminals in that area. Tables being assembled First, after removing the old tables, the new tables had to be assembled. In order to accommodate the new computers, some additional electrical work and wiring had to be done. Since it involved drilling into the concrete floor, we closed the library on January 7 and January 8. Director and Instruction Librarian Supervise Here you see Vandy Dubre, Instruction Librarian (in the red) and Jeanne Pyle, Library Director, supervising the assembly of the tables. Students return to find new tables And now, our students return for the spring semester to find new tables in the reference area. Please let us know what you think about the new tables. Our goal is to continue improving the area for our students. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments or stop by the reference area and talk to our staff.
Published by root on 17 Jan

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