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Need to print in a hurry? Try one of our printing stations

Has this ever happened to you? It's a few minutes before class. Your paper is due. The library's computer lab is full. You just want to print out that paper and be on your merry way? Well, we have an alternative for you: print only terminals. We have installed two laptop computers next to the Reference Desk. These are strictly express terminals for printing out documents. To make them work, do the following:
  • Log into Patriot Air. The laptops are on wireless. To get to the PHAROS printing system, you have to be on the network. Just click on the desktop icon that says "LOG IN" and follow the directions.
  • Open your document. Plug in your USB portable drive (or open your e-mail if you are doing it that way), find your document.
  • Print the document as you usually would. You should get the PHAROS prompt to give it a name. Do so, then go release the job as normal.
  • Please, when you are done, log-off Patriot Air. If you used a portable USB drive, please take it with you as well.
Remember, these are express terminals. If you need to actually type the paper, or you wish to do research, please use one of the regular terminals. However, if it's a matter of print and leave, give these two computers a try. At the moment, the terminals will be available from now until the end of finals week. Depending on demand and availability, we may continue to offer this service during rush times in future semesters. Please note that during our extended hours during finals (Sunday Dec. 9 through Tuesday Dec. 11), the laptops will be available until midnight, not until 2am.  You can still use the other computers as usual.
Published by root on 06 Dec

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