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Welcome to our new library blog

On behalf of the library's staff, I would like to welcome all to the new blog for the University of Texas at Tyler Robert R. Muntz Library. I am Angel Rivera, and I am the Outreach and Reference Librarian here. I am looking forward to using this blog to better communicate with the campus community as well as other friends of our university. Here are some things you will see in our blog:
  • Announcements and news about the library.
  • Notices of new resources and materials.
  • Links to various interesting items.
  • Posts about reading and learning.
  • And a few other things we may find here and there.
Over time, we will add some useful links on our sidebars. We will also try out some new features now and then. Additionally, we would like your feedback. Please notice that you can comment on any of our posts. Feel free to just click and type your comments and suggestions in. One of the areas where we are seeking feedback is on a new redesign for the library's website. We will post news and information about the redesign, including announcements for focus groups and forums, in the near future. Please do visit again and often to learn more about the library, its mission, and our various activities If readers would like to contact me directly, my office is in the library, Room 216, and I usually keep the door open. My e-mail is arivera AT uttyler DOT edu (just replace the AT and the DOT for the @ and a dot. Typing it that way here is to keep the spam at bay). Readers can also contact the library via e-mail using the Ask-A-Librarian link on our website. Best regards.
Published by root on 31 Oct


This is great! I think that as our campus community becomes aware of it you'll see traffic start to pick up. Congrats on a great idea.

Thank you for stopping by. Best.

It is good that you have a blog. Students can indicate to the library of what needs to be done, especially freshmen, sophomores, and graduate students. These students especially need to be informed of the blog so that suggestions can be given. Juniors and seniors at times become accustomed to "the system," so their impact is not as great as the other three categories listed. Freshmen have new and creative ideas that may help improve library's benefits to students. Sophomores know what they did not have the previous year at the library when attempting to study, have group meetings, etc. Graduate students may be in need of items that undergraduate students may not consider/use because of the magnitude of their coursework. This blog is a great idea.

I used to attend a larger university who had their library open until 2:00 AM and their computer lab open 24 hours a day. The library hours are pretty sufficient for The University of Texas at Tyler's size. Although, I believe the library should be open 24 hours (or at least until 2:00 AM) the week before and the week of finals. If it is possible, the library should be open later during midterms, too, as I think this would be helpful.

Anon.: Thank you for stopping by. Let me see if I can reply to your comments one at a time. On the extended library hours, at this moment we would not be able to open the library 24 hours a day. This would be due to some security concerns as well as logistics (staffing, etc.). However, we are planning on having some extended hours during finals week. We have not finalized the details yet, but as soon as the details are finalized, we will post that information here. On the settings for comments, at the moment we decided to leave the comments open. This is to allow visitors to leave a comment without too many restrictions. We would appreciate it if commenters would keep comments civil and polite. While we do want to encourage comments, discussions, etc., we do reserve the right to add some form of moderation if it becomes necessary. For now, we are trusting our visitors to be civil and polite. At your request, I have deleted the one comment. As for the other comment, thank you for your suggestions. Students, and the rest of our campus community, are welcome to post comments, suggestions for the library, etc. here in the blog. They can also use the Ask-A-Librarian link on our library's website ( to make suggestions as well. Best regards, Angel Rivera Reference/Outreach Librarian

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